Gelair™️ Coil and Duct Cleaner Industrial Strength

Introducing Gelair™ Coil and Duct Industrial Strength: The Ultimate Solution for Industrial Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Gelair™ Coil and Duct Industrial Strength is expertly engineered to efficiently clean and sterilize air conditioning cooling coils and ducts in industrial applications. This advanced formula combines the power of pure Tea Tree Oil with innovative technology to provide unparalleled results.

Featuring a water-based blend of emulsified detergents/surfactants, humectant, rheology modifier, and Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, our Gelair™ Coil and Duct Industrial solution boasts a higher viscosity, ensuring effective application even on vertical surfaces. Its long-lasting adherence allows for exceptional sterilizing and cleaning properties.

The addition of Pure Tea Tree Oil in Gelair™ Coil and Duct Industrial serves as a potent sterilizer, effectively eliminating mold and bacteria on contact. Moreover, its inherent solvent properties allow it to dissolve oils and fats, making it a powerful cleaning agent. The humectant component prolongs the evaporation rate of Tea Tree Oil, keeping the sterilizing and cleaning action active for days after application.

Gelair™ Coil and Duct Industrial is versatile and can be used for a multitude of purposes, such as general cleaning and sterilizing, maintaining air conditioning systems including internal coils and ducts, cleaning bathroom grout, removing ink and stains from floors and walls, and eliminating grime and grease from cooking range hood filters.

Available in two different size options, a 750ml trigger spray bottle or 20-liter refill drums, Gelair™ Coil and Duct Industrial offers flexible solutions for your industrial air conditioning and ventilation system needs. Choose Gelair™ Coil and Duct Industrial Strength today for a cleaner, more efficient, and healthier working environment.