Gelair™️ Fogging Solution

Introducing the Gelair™ Fogging Solution - an advanced, scientifically-formulated product specifically designed to tackle extensive mold and bacteria infestations with rapid and effective treatment.

When activated through a Cold Fogging Machine, the vapor of Gelair™ Fogging disperses swiftly into hard-to-reach zones, eradicating mold and bacteria with unparalleled efficiency.

Gelair™ Fogging Solution is also expertly engineered for application within air conditioning systems to effectively control mold growth within the ductwork, ensuring a healthy and comfortable indoor environment for all occupants.

Tailored to the needs of technical buyers and engineers who demand top-notch performance and reliability, Gelair™ Fogging Solution is available in two versatile size options – a 750ml trigger spray bottle and a 20-liter drum. 

Trust Gelair™ for exceptional effectiveness in maintaining superior air quality and combating mold and bacteria infestations.